3kw Off Grid Solar Power System

JINPO Solar manufactures 3KW Off Grid Solar System / 3kw solar system with battery in Shandong, China.We have our own factory of solar pv panels. Jinpo provide the high quality and competitive price on 3kw off grid solar system packages for you. Contact us now for quotation.

  • 20+ years manufacturing experience
  • Up to 5 years of warranty
  • Full support on your customised requirement

How Much Power Does a 3kw Solar System Produce?

Quick Details : 3KW off grid solar system packages

Place of Origin Shandong ,China (Mainland)
Model No. JP3KW-Off
Brand Name JINPO
Specification Normal
Application Home
Output voltage 110V/120V/220V/230V—–
Load Power (W) 3KW
Solar Power (W) 3KW
Work time 24hours
Solar system protection Overload ,low voltage ,—
Solar panel rack Ground or roof
Output frequency 50HZ/60HZ—
Output wave Pure sine wave solar system
Load: Lighting  refrigerator, air conditioner
Warranty 25 years
Inverter One

Know more about 3kw solar system daily output from JINPO Solar.

3KW Off Grid Solar System Configuration











1 JP260P


Polycrystalline  Silicon 260W

 3000w solar pv panel system Voltage:30V



Application:Class A

Warranty: 25 years


12 pcs

2 Off Grid Controller  3kw off grid solar power system controller 200AH/48V

Matched Storage battery voltage : 96V

Solar PV Panel Open Circuit Voltage : 400V

Solar PV Panel Rated Current : 200AH


 1 pc



Off Grid

Inverter  3KW

 3kw off grid solar power system inverter  Input voltage range : 380±15%(also can be OEM )

Input frequency : 50/60HZ±5%

Output waveform :Sine wave

Output frequency :50/60HZ±1%



1 set



PV cable


 3kw off grid solar power system pv cable PV 4mm2




4 MC4 Connector


 3kw off grid solar power system mc4 connector Rated current:30A

Rated voltage:1000VDC




2 pairs




Storage Battery


 3kw off grid solar power system battery 200AH/12V


3 pcs




Mounting system

Pitch roof


 3kw off grid solar power system solar panel  

Whole set


1 set

Jinpo Solar is a professional manufacturers of 3kw Solar system packages, 3kw off grid solar power systems kits. For more than 20 years, Jinpo only do one thing , is to produce solar systems.

3kw solar power system panels

Our 3kw Solar System Panels:

  • 25 years power output warranty
  • Highest conversion efficiency up to 16.5%
  • Anti-reflective and anti-soiling surface power loss from dirt and dust
  • Excellent mechanical load resistance
  • PID resistance , high resistance of  salt mist and ammonia corrosion
Jinpo 3kw off grid Solar Power System Controllers:
3kw photovoltaic controller

Solar energy charging and discharging controller is also called “photovoltaic controller”. Its function is to regulate and control the electric energy generated by solar cell module, to charge the battery to the maximum extent, and to protect the battery from overcharging. The role of over-discharge protection. In large temperature difference, photovoltaic controller should have the function of temperature compensation.

Jinpo 3kw off grid Solar System Inverter

3kw photovoltaic inverter

  • Input Voltage from 12V to 1000V
  • Input Ampere 5A to 200AH
  • Output voltage 110/220V/380V/400V
  • Single phase and Three phase

Jinpo 3kw off grid Solar System Battery

3kw photovoltaic battery

  • Battery 2V, 12V
  • Without a battery bank (or a generator) it’ll be lighten out by sunset. A battery bank is essentially a group of batteries wired together

Jinpo 3kw off grid Solar System Mounting Brackets


3kw photovoltaic mounting brackets

  • Residential Roof System(Pitched Roof)
  • Commercial Roof System (Flat roof & workshop roof)
  • Ground Solar Mounting Power System
  • Vertical wall solar mounting power system
  • All aluminium structure solar mounting system
  • Car parking solar mounting power system

3kw off grid Solar Power Kits Accessories

3kw photovoltaic power accessories

  • PV Cable 4 mm2 6 mm2
  • AC Cable
  • DC Switches
  • AC Breaker
  • AC/DC Combine box
  • Jinpo Solar PV connector

Advantages of 3kw Solar Power Off–Grid System

  • The solar power is safe and reliable , it won’t be influenced by energy crisis or unstable fuel market .
  • The solar energy is  easy to exploit everywhere , there is no need to transmit fuel distantly , which save the cost of long distant transportation .
  • There is no mechanical rotating parts within the solar power system so that it won’t be easy to break .
  • The solar power system has no harm to the environment , in the process there is no any waste , pollution and  noise , the solar energy is the perfect energy for the environment protection .

Best Solar PV System Manufacturer of 3kw Off Grid Solar Power System

We are one of the most professional Solar PV Panel factory in Yishui County, Linyi City, Shandong province ,China. Jinpo invested so many solar power stations ranges from 1MW to 50MW in Yishui County,Shandong Province.

3kw solar power system pictures

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