5kw On Grid Solar Power System

Jinpo Solar manufactures 5KW On Grid Solar System / 5KW Solar Modules Power System in China.We have our own factory of solar pv panels. Jinpo provide the high quality and competitive price on 5kw on-grid solar power systems for you. Contact us now for quotation.

  • 30+ years manufacturing experience
  • Up to 25 years of Output warranty
  • Full support on your customised requirement

Quick Details : 5KW On Grid Solar Power System

Place of Origin Shandong ,China (Mainland)
Model No. Jinpo-5KW-ON
Brand Name Jinpo Solar
Specification Normal
Application Home
Output voltage 110V/120V/220V/230V—–
Load Power (W) 5KW
Solar Power (W) 5KW
Work time 24hours
Solar system protection Overload ,low voltage ,—
Solar panel rack Ground or roof
Output frequency 50HZ/60HZ—
Output wave Pure sine wave solar system
Load: Lighting  refrigerator, air conditioner
Warranty 25 years
Inverter One

Packaging and Delivery

Packing Details :Cartons with Pallets

Delivery Time

15 days after receiving deposit

5KW On-Grid Solar System Configuration

No. Item Specification Warranty Photo Quantity
1 Solar PV panel Jinpo270W
Size 1640*992*40 mm  19kg
25 years  5KW on grid solar power system 12 pcs
2 On-Grid Inverter 5KW 1 Phases inverter
Output Voltage:220V
10 years  5KW on grid solar power system inverter 1set
3 Mounting Bracket Whole set mounting structure for solar panel for 12pcs solar modules. 10 years  5KW on grid solar power-system mounting support 1set
4 PV Cable 4mm2 10 years  5KW on grid solar power system pv cables 100meters
5 MC4 Compatible Connector 30A/100V DC 10years  5KW on grid solar power-system mc4 compatible connector 6 pairs



Jinpo Solar is a professional manufactures 5kw Solar PV Panels, 5kw solar power systems kits. for more than 20 years, Jinpo only do one thing , is to produce solar panels.

5KW on grid solar power system solar panel

Our 5kw Solar Panel for solar power system kits:

  • 25 years power output warranty
  • Highest conversion efficiency up to 16.5%
  • Anti-reflective and anti-soiling surface power loss from dirt and dust
  • Excellent mechanical load resistance
  • PID resistance , high resistance of  salt mist and ammonia corrosion


Jinpo 5kw on grid solar system Inverter:
5kw solar power system inverter
  • 5 years standard warranty
  • Max Efficiency up to  98.6%,Europe Efficiency  up to 98.5%
  • Integrated DC switch for added safety protection;
  • Power factor continuously adjustable
  • Transformer high power density off lighter and more convenient installation
  • Flexible communication connection, support RF WIFI

Jinpo 5kw Solar System Mounting Brackets

5kw solar power system mounting bracket

  • Residential Roof(Pitched Roof)
  • Commercial Roof(Flat roof &workshop roof)
  • Ground Solar Mounting system
  • Vertical wall solar mounting system
  • All aluminum structure solar mounting system
  • Car parking solar mounting system


5kw solar power kits Accessories

5kw solar power kits accessories


  • PV Cable 4 mm2 6 mm2
  • AC Cable
  • DC Switches
  • AC Breaker
  • AC/DC Combine box
  • Jinpo Solar PV connector


Advantages of 5kw Solar Power On–Grid System Kits

1. The use of 5kw solar power on-grid system kits, of clean and renewable natural energy, solar pv power generation, without using greenhouse gases and pollutants emissions, in harmony with the ecological environment, In line with the strategy of sustainable economic and social development.

2. The generated electric is fed into the utility grid, and utility grid is used as the energy storage device. When the power load is large, the solar power is insufficient to buy electricity from the utility grid . And when the load is small, or can not use up the electricity, can sell the surplus electricity to the utility grid

3. The combination of 5kw Solar Photovoltaic Cell modules and buildings can generate electricity and be used as building decorative materials, which make full use of material resources to play a variety of functions, not only to reduce the cost of construction, but also to increase the scientific and technological content of buildings.  add “selling points”.

4. Distributed construction, local distribution and flexible access to and exit from the utility grid ,not only conducive to enhancing the power system but also to improving the load balance of the power system and reducing cable losses.

Solar Panel Manufacturer of 5kw On-Grid Solar Power System

We are one of the most professional Solar Power System factory in Shandong province ,China. Jinpo invested many solar stations ranges from 1MW to 50MW in Yishui County,Linyi City,Shandong Provine,China.

Jinpo Solar Project Gallery solarpowersystem

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5kw On Grid Solar Power System
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