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Jinpo Solar Panel

Jinpo Solar is a one of the best supplier of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and flat plate solar thermal collectors.

Jinpo Solar Panel

Founded in 1996, we supply solar power and solar heating products, such as solar pv panels, on grid and off grid solar power systems, solar water heaters, flat plate solar thermal collector ,all in one solar street lights, water tanks. Our solar power and solar heating products are reliable and have very good quality.

Jinpo Solar is a professional manufacturer of solar photovoltaic panels,home small solar power systems, flat plate solar thermal collectors.

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Jinpo Solar starts in 1988


Jinpo Solar invested in a flat plate solar thermal collectors factory in Yishui, China. First, we developed two designs of flat plate solar thermal collectors and shipped a 20 set order to one of our European clients, Mr. Robin. What a great start!.


We set up another workshop and warehouse for vacuum tube solar water heaters, our sales in China is 200,000.00 set per year, and start to study solar photovoltaic panels and solar power systems.


We start to manufacture Solar photovoltaic panels, both polycrystalline panels and monocrystalline panels. The first solar power plant project we finished in 50MW in LINYI.


Jinpo imported solar pv panel manufacturing machinery to make sure the quality of each solar panels, we finished three 80MW Solar farms in this year, and start to work together with local government to donate 5MW Solar power plant for the villagers in Yishui County .


We start to export solar pv panels to Philippines and South Africa, it is the 1st start for international market of the solar pv panels, solar power systems, flat plate solar thermal collectors, solar street lights, porcelain water tanks.


Jinpo still enlarge our production capability and export to more countries

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