Solar Panel Production Process: A Complete Guide

1. Purpose
2. Scope of Application
3. Duties of the Operator in The Solar Energy Production
4. Content
4.1 Cutting EVA
4.2 Cell Sorting for Solar Energy Production
4.3 String Welding the Solar Panel
4.4 Lay Up the Solar Panel
4.5 Mirror Surface Inspection on The Solar Photovoltaic Cell
4.6 EL Testing on the Solar Panels During the Production Process
4.7 Lamination of the […]

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Domestic Customers Visit Jinpo Solar

Clients Visiting
From: Jinpo Solar
By: Alice

Beijing and Anhui engineer projects customers visit Jinpo Solar for the Solar PV Panel Production line , and Flat Plate Solar Thermal Collector workshop for studying and estimate products and quality .They are very pleased with the expedition .

Solar PV Panel Production Process

Accompanied by our sales manager the customers […]

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Jinpo Solar in The 13th Jinan International Solar Energy Exhibition

Date: Feb 2nd,2018
From: Jinpo Solar
By: Alice

On February 2nd,2018, the 13th China (Jinan) International Solar Energy Utilization Congress and Exhibition opened in Jinan International Exhibition Center with the theme of “Gold Sunshine Clean Energy, New and Old Kinetic Energy Green Development”. At the exhibition, Jinpo Solar PV Panel , Solar Power Systems,  Flat Panel […]

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