Clients Visiting
From: Jinpo Solar
By: Alice

Beijing and Anhui engineer projects customers visit Jinpo Solar for the Solar PV Panel Production line , and Flat Plate Solar Thermal Collector workshop for studying and estimate products and quality .They are very pleased with the expedition .

Jinpo Solar PV Panel Visiting
Solar PV Panel Production Process

Accompanied by our sales manager the customers are deeply investigated the workshops including : Solar PV  Panel Workshop for the production and quality control . Solar Thermal Collector workshop : Inner Water Tank Enamel Production process , assembly production line of the solar flat plate collector.

Solar water tank production

While accompanying the customers our sales manager introduced to the customers the characteristics of our solar pv panel products, the production process of pv panels, the market development, and so on, which enabled the customers to have a certain understanding of our development prospects. Our products were given high praise from customer personal visiting .They were listened carefully, understood each other, and had a very pleasant conversation.

Solar Water Tank Production Process

Flat Plate Solar Thermal Collector

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