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For the past 30 years Jinpo Solar only do one thing that is produce Solar PV Panels. If you need any Solar PV Panels and solar power systems for your business, you’ve come to the right place! Owing to our vast experience in the solar power domain,with the valuable assistance of creative solar team of our professionals, Jinpo Solar engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Solar PV Panels & Solar Power System Kits.

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Jingpu Solar design & manufacture solar pv (photovolatic) panels, solar power system. Solar water heating system

Why Jinpo Solar Exported

30+ Countries

  • Jinpo Solar has 30 + Years of Solar Energy Products Manufacturing Experiences.
  • Jinpo Solar Energy Co can provide 25 Years of Output Warranty Services.
  • Full support on your customized requirement on All kinds of Solar PV Panels
  • Satisfied any Customized Technical Requirements on Solar PV Products.
  • All Team Support on you Any Order of Solar Power Products with Tight Deadline

How We Control Quality

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Jingpu Solar owns world-class laboratories which align with CE

  • Mirror Inspection .
  • Inspection on Appearance.
  • Inspect on all items.
  • Electroluminescence testing.
  • Strictly Solar Cell Testing.
  • Inspection on all Solar Cells.
  • The toughed glass is fully covered by back sheet
  • No Fragment.
  • No bubbles between cells and busbar.
  • Self-inspection.
  • Smooth tin coated welding ribbon surface
  • Non continuous welding between cells

Typical Applications Off Grid Solar Power System

  • 3Kw Off-Grid Solar System.
  • 3kw Solar Kits(Complete Parts).
  • 5Kw Off-Grid Solar System.
  • 5kw Solar Kits(Complete Parts).
  • 10Kw Off-Grid Solar System.
  • 10kw Solar Kits(Complete Parts).
  • 20Kw Off-Grid Solar System.
  • 20kw Solar Kits(Complete Parts).

Jinpo Solar Power Projects

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Commonly Asked in Some Context

How to choose the best solar pv panel supplier in China?
1.Your pv panel supplier should be able to supply the high quality solar pv panel materials. 2. Your solar pv panel supplier should provide the testing report for all the solar photovoltaic panels and solar power systems. 3. Your solar pv supplier should provide the best solar power solutions for your projects. 4. Your solar pv panel supplier should provide competitive rates and a very good service. 5. Your solar pv panel and solar power system supplier should provide other services such as installation technical support and pv project power plant design services. Even the container loading preparation, freight cost inquiry and arrangement, etc.
How to control quality of solar pv panels in your factory?
1.We have more than 5 procedures of testing and inspection on the solar cells, solar photovoltaic panels, glass, solar pv panel efficiency. 2. We inspect the appearance on the solar cells since we bought materials from our cooperate pv panel manufacturers. And also we do EL Testing on all the solar cells, pv panels. 3. We do inspection on all the solar pv panel and solar power system items before delivery..
How to Design Your Own Solar PV Power kit?
1. Evaluate Your Energy Use per day. 2. Decide What Kind of solar electric System You Need? Off-Grid or Grid-Tie. 3. Size Your Complete Solar Power System according to your power consumption demands. 4.Let Us Design and manufacture Your solar power System kits..
What is solar Renewable energy system for home?
We can make electricity from sunlight by using a Photovoltaic (PV)module. You must have seen that solar array PV on roof, people connect this solar PV panel with controller and inverter, it can run your household appliances, such as vacuum cleaner, the washing machine and TV or refrigerator. It can also charge your batteries or make energy for the utility grid. Residential solar power kits can cut your electric bills and make low carbon foot help protect our environment..
How to choose the best solar electric system in China?
1. Your solar power system supplier should keep good smoothly communicate with you. Get your requirements, know your ideas about what percentage of your house/business power do you want to generate with solar power. And give you quick quote. 2. Your solar electric system supplier should be able to design and guide you choose the most suitable size for your home or your site. They will calculate how many watt solar system do you need, and how many watt solar PV panels you should install according to your local Peak Sun Hours per day.3. Your solar panel system supplier should provide competitive rates and a good service. They should supervise purchasing and production and make on time delivery.4. Your solar panel kits supplier should provide the best shipping solution possible.5. Your Solar PV Power System supplier should provide technical support and after sale service.
Easy and Simple Solar Electric Power Kit
Jinpo creates solar panel kits for home easy and simple for customers. The off –grid solar PV systems mainly household systems are professional on market. Easy and simple as a kind of philosophy plays an important role to the solar PV industry.Jinpo are building efficient service to distributors and customers, aim at helping them to become professional in one week and build their own brand in a short time to prior seize market.
Jinpo follow and spread the idea and develop out many series of home solar power kits, part of them are the whole kit which are plug and play, easy to operate and maintain, part of them are light with battery connected external for easy transportation, connection, operation and maintenance.
How to order from you, do you provide free samples?
We have our own solar pv panel/module factory near Shanghai in China. You can come to visit our solar pv panel production line and come to visit our solar power plant ranges from 1MW to 50MW. Send us your purchase order of solar pv panels or solar power systems with the right model and quantities, we will issue the Proforma Invoice for you to pay. After we get the first deposit ,we start to manufacture the solar panels order, or the home solar power systems, flat plate solar thermal collectors. We don’t provide free samples. .
Do you accept custom design on size and Logo for solar pv panels?
We can make customer design for solar pv panels with your Logo and design on sizes. Our 36 R&D staffs can make sure to provide best solar solutions for your solar power plant or home solar power system kits. We have our solar panel project engineer track your order and give professional training on how to install our solar power systems or solar thermal systems.

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